Identikit, profile and history of
Swiss Phinance

The strength of a mature company

Identikit, profile and history of Swiss Phinance

Since 2012, Swiss Phinance has been operating as an independent financial consultancy firm, active in the search for structured products and solutions for asset management.

Born thanks to the experience of a committee of professionals with a deep knowledge of investment opportunities behind them, Swiss Phinance is a solid reality, able to provide support to a clientele that ranges from independent asset managers to investment fund managers, from family offices to banks, without excluding private individuals interested in protecting the portfolio.

Our independent position allows us to explore the Swiss and international markets from a privileged perspective, focusing on the interests of customers with maximum transparency and clarity. We take care of each phase of the work independently, from the preliminary analysis to the monitoring of the return on investments. For results always up to expectations.


In the name is our vision of finance: innovative, but at the same time rooted in the territory it belongs to.


Customized solutions, based on direct relationship, research, experience and comparison.


Our business is based on multiple decades of banking and asset management experiences.

Our method

Swiss Phinance listens to your needs by providing you with preliminary advice to help you understand the situation. We work as direct interlocutors, personally following every single person from the first meeting.


We are specialists in structured products and asset management. This is the profile of the committee: a constantly evolving laboratory open to new challenges and exciting new paths . Our business is based on multiple decades of banking and asset management experiences, which have allowed us to gain a deep knowledge of the variables of the financial markets. This baggage is available to our customers.

Partner & Member of the Board
Alex Togneri
Partner & Member of the Board
Emanuele Battista Ferreri